Tours are available by appointment.  For more information please call 601-631-2997.  Tours begin in our offices.

The Southern Cultural Heritage Complex features some of the most architecturally and historically significant buildings in Mississippi. Four of these buildings, the Sisters of Mercy Convent, the Cobb House, and the St. Francis Xavier School Auditorium and Academy Building, will be featured in a new tour program to be initiated Saturday, March 18, 2000.

The Convent, built in 1868, is one of the largest and best-preserved examples of 19th Century Gothic Revival architecture in Mississippi. The tour will visit the first and second floors of the Convent, allowing visitors to see the parlors, chapel, community room, offices, and cells used by the Sisters of Mercy for more than a century.

The oldest building on tour, the Cobb House, is a Greek Revival home built around 1830. It was acquired by the Sisters of Mercy in 1860 and was occupied by both Confederate and Union forces during the Civil War.

Built in 1885 in Italianate style, the Auditorium is the best preserved of the four buildings and has been used in recent years for many events, including lectures, dances, wedding receptions, and even filming of motion pictures. The Academy Building, built in the 1930s, currently houses the SCHF offices.

The Auditorium is one of four historic buildings featured in the Southern Cultural Heritage Foundationís guided tour program.